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Shop @ M's

1. How to place an order
You can submit the order from "Order Form" page. It will be sent to our email account, then you will receive our email confirmation. In order to send to you our acknowledgement by email, please write your email address correctly.

2. How to make a payment
We will accept your money order, bank check and money transfer.
[Check] Please send us the check after you receipt of our email confirmation.
[Bank Transfer] Please make your payment after receipt of our confirmation by email. After confirmed your payment, we will ship the goods to you immediately.

** We will let you know our account information after receipt of your order.**

** Also, we are currently working on credit card payment system. We are sorry for inconvenience. **

3. How long does it take to receive the goods?
Since we will make our products upon receipt of your order, it will takes about 1 week.

4. Shipping & Handling charges
Please add $5.00. For the customers purchase more than $60.00, we will cover the charges.

5. Pricing
We only accept US Dollars.

6. How do you ship the goods?
We will ship the goods by USPS.

7. Return Policy
We will take return goods within 1 week after you purchase.


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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