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Shop @ M's

We provide you our hand made candles.
(pictures are image)


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You can take a look at pictures and choose what you want.
Also, please note, these are hand-made-candles, therefore,
we cannot make "exactly" the same item as pictures on this page.

We have three different kinds of scent.
Vanilla, Lemon and Aromatherapy scent.
You can request which scent you would like to have.

Order No. [C-001] Candle with Potpourri
Price: US$ 7.50 (S/H are not included.)

candle with pot-pourri

Simple vanilla scented candle. You can see potpourri inside.
(Lemon and Aromatherapy scent are available.)
Sorry, candle plate is not included.

Order No. [C-002] Chunk candle with a little wreath
Price: US$ 13.00 (S/H are not included.)

chunk candle

White candle with colorful chunks. Vanilla scented.
(Lemon and Aromatherapy scent are available.)
If you prefer to purchase candle without wreath, you can contact us. We will let you know the price.

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